Is CE Right For My Child?

Can my child participate if...

They have seizures?

Absolutely. Many of our participants have seizures and protocols that we can carry out

They have a g/j-tube?

Yes! We can accommodate g and J tube feeds.

They get tired easily?

Definitely. Our group program is less tiring for the individuals than a 1-to-1 therapy session and we find they always rise to the occasion!

They are only mildly impacted?

Yes. We have classes for individuals who walk/eat/dress/etc independently but who need extra support when it comes to more complex gross motor skills, like balancing on one foot, or fine motor skills, like buttoning and writing.

They have behavioral difficulties?

Probably. As long as your child is not violent towards other people we can work with you to appropriately support their needs

They are under 2 or over 18?

Yes. Conductive education is for every age!

They are blind or deaf?


They have a condition I don’t see listed?

CE is effective for most individuals who have a disability impacting their motor skills. The conditions listed in our 'about' section are not exhaustive. The best way to know if your child is a good fit for our program is to set up an assessment by filling out the form at the bottom of this page.


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